Run With This

by Greater Than

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Agent K(ahunasan)
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Agent K(ahunasan) Was pretty surprised by this.....Sounds like early Drive-Thru Records Bands 10 years ago......
Great Vocals on both upbeat and mellower tunes.
Definitely knows his way around a melody...can't wait to hear more! Favorite track: Delicate.
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4 really cool demo songs that I wrote and recorded. It will probably go Gold soon.


released August 22, 2013



all rights reserved


Greater Than New York, New York

I like to make jams.

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Track Name: Sunglasses
She's the kind of girl you can't believe
You've somehow got the privilege to see
She's the kind of girl you find in dreams
I can hear the music when she smiles at me
And my mind is now her canvas
Where she paints all her beauty
While I try to understand it

She's a sunny day
She's a lot of happy
Goes from good to great
When I see her laughing
She's a starry night
She's a bolt of lightning
Love her left and right
I want her by my side forever
She’ll be my weather
My sunny day

She's the kind of girl you want to chase
You'll do anything to win the race
She's the kind of girl who brings you up
You’ll be thinking about her like a grade school crush
And my mind got tripped and trampled
By her endless beauty
While I try to understand it

Yeah she's the kind of girl
That makes it so
When you're full of doubt
And you don't know
What it's all about
She's making sure
You're coming back for more
Yeah you're coming back for more

She's the kind of girl that reads your mind
But you don't give a shit because she's
In there all the time anyway

Cause its better
When we’re together
My sunny day

I wont leave if I can stay
For another sunny day
Track Name: Rock Bottom, In All Its Glory
I don’t want to pretend I know what I’m doing
Cause truthfully I’ve never had a clue
Someone tell all my friends I’m just a kid
Who tries too hard, to fit in crowded rooms, but I never do

I’m good as dead on the inside
(this skin you see is all that's left)
Can I keep living like a hollow boy?
(cause i‘m too scared start again)

Lets not talk about, what I want to be

Cause I’ve been chasing myself in circles
and if I ever catch up, well here's the plan
I’ll look myself in the eye and I’ll ask myself
Who am I kidding? Who am I trying to impress?

I can’t defend the way I treat misery like company
Even when misery’s not around.
So no, no, no you can’t rescue me now
If I start leaning on anyone we’re both going down.

Let’s not talk about, the monster I’ve become

Who am I trying to kid?
Cause I’ve been picking fights with my demons
but they make a good team and
I’m out here throwing punches alone
And when I'm six feet under I'm wondering
If I’ll be just a number or
Will somebody be screaming my name
Until them I’m counting my mistakes

Over time I’ve learned not to hope too high
Cause its a long way down

Tonight I crash into my room,
Throw my hoodie and my whole mind,
Into the corner as I pass out
I’ll grab them both on my way out tomorrow

Thoughts are great and all, but mostly I just want to be warm.
Track Name: Parts and Pieces
It's something like a tidal wave
The way I drown in you
but with the way you say my name
I know you’re drowning too
And when we make a mess of things
We laugh and call it art
We can share each others skin
And interchange our hearts

We're just pieces of the whole damn thing
We're just pieces of the whole damn thing
We’re stealing time and making moments
and we're smiling cause we know it
We're just pieces of the whole damn thing

The lightning that you radiate
I feel it in my fingers
But you know I can make
Your heart beat like thunder
My colors you can hear
Your sounds within my eyes
Our senses get so tangled up
We touch and they collide

We're just pieces of the whole damn thing
We're just pieces of the whole damn thing
The world starting to get hopeless
and we're smiling cause we know it
We're just pieces of the whole damn thing

We’re staring at each other and
We’re slowly falling in
the love we fall in everyday
the love that makes me sing

We're just pieces of the whole damn thing
We're just pieces of the whole damn thing
and when the world still can’t see through it
We’ll be smiling cause we knew it
We're just pieces of the whole damn thing
Track Name: Delicate
When I’m through
changing my mind about you
I really hope I hate you
I’m never quite sure what i hope for
I just hope I can figure out soon

And when you say
You don’t want to try to retrace
I can see your lying
Its written all over your face
Its bleeding into the next page

You’re covered in secrets
But I don't believe them

Now we wage war in silence
With nothing but our eyes
While my mind caves in
Faster than I can take time
To breathe and convince myself

I’m not delicate
I’m not delicate
You wont ever win
My goodbye

Take your time
Perfecting the smile that hides
Everything you don’t like
A bitter realization I’ve been right
Will keep you awake through the night

Run around
Pretending there’s something profound
About the way we fall down
And I dare you to call me out now
Come and convince me to drown

If i had to choose sides
I’m not sure I’d choose mine

I’m not delicate
I can hold my own
I'm still here when you're gone
and One day I'll find myself remade
And you’ll see the mistake
You thought I was delicate

I’ll break my fall
I’ll rebuild walls
Just watch me
No more to rewrite
I'll sleep at night
Without you there to haunt me